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Steel structures and machine manufacturing

Thanks to his groving client base and outstanding technological background our company (established in 2002) delivers the most different steel structures and machine constructions to more and more countries in Europe. With our professional engineering services we cooperate in several big complex technological development projects.

We undertake construction and general contracting of steel structures in industrial, agricultural, sport and common fields with short deadline and high quality. Advantage of these architectural strucutres are that we can construct durable buildings with low cost which fit to the future expectations.

On the field of machine building we realise planning, construction, refurbishing and services of special machines of agriculture, rubber industry, timber industry or other technological production lines.

Our prepared employees and our well equipped plant makes it possible to serve our clients' needs in our own 1500m2 sized workroom with a railcrane.

The goal of our experted engineers are to get innovation for every project, and to realise the product on a high level with competitive price level in highlight with the unique ideas of our clients. To keep our clients trust is the base of our successful cooperation.


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CSIO Budapest and Eurocheval Offenburg

CSIO Budapest and Eurocheval Offenburg

2016. July 07.

A three-star showjumping event will be held in Budapest, in the Tattersall from the 14th to the 17th of July 2016. And on the week after the show an international horse fair, called Eurocheval will take place in Offenburg, Germany. The team of Steel Profession Ltd. will be present at both events as an exhibitor.

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Future Champions in Hagen, Germany 2016

Future Champions in Hagen, Germany 2016

2016. July 04.

In June our company was the sponsor of a 1.35 meter showjumping competition during the Future Champions event in Hagen, Germany.

The event took place at Hof Kasselmann, where we built a new indoor arena, which is also the VIP zone of the competitions.

The Future Champions is an international showjumping and dressage event for young riders under the age of 25. Nations Cup competitions were held for more age groups, and the riders could qualify for the European Championship.

Photo: Mark Gr. Feldhaus

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